Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Wrangell-St. Elias National Park?
  • How can I get to McCarthy & Kennicott?
  • How much does the tour cost?
  • What are the weight, height and age limits?
  • How long and what is included in the canopy adventure?
  • Is weather a factor and what are typical weather conditions?
  • Where is Alaska Boreal Canopy Adventures (ABCA) and where do we meet in McCarthy?
  • Will I see any wildlife?
  • What if I’m coming from Kennicott?
  • What’s it like on your canopy adventure and how is it different from others in Alaska?
  • What should I wear and/or bring?
  • How is braking accomplished on your course?
  • Can I bring a camera? Do you rent GoPros?
  • What is not allowed on the adventure?
  • Can spectators go along who don’t want to go on the canopy course?
  • What about tipping?
  • Are there group rates?

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